Charity Classic Golf Tournament

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On Sunday, June 12, 2016 the 2016 Japanese Community Golf Event will take place to raise funds to support Services at Tonari Gumi and the JCCA Bulletin.

On this day, over 120 people will join together for a day of firsts!

Today we recognize and honour the years of community service provided by Shag Ando. Shag Ando has been a key figure in keeping the golf tournament active and fun, helping bring hundreds of people together.

Proceeds of the event will support programs and services at Tonari Gumi and to help support the JCCA Bulletin that, nationally, provides a great service in communicating issues in the Japanese Canadian community to everyone with very little cost.

For Tonari Gumi, the following programs and services will benefit:
• Lunch Program, ‘Meals-on-Wheels’, and Lighhouse Iki Iki
• ‘Telephone Buddies’ Service and ‘Friendly Visitation’ Service

For more information on Tonari Gumi programs and services, please visit

For JCCA, funds will support The Bulletin/Geppo that has been delivering important information on the Japanese Canadian community for 4 decades. The JCCA also provides low cost advertising to non-profit groups in our community. In supporting the event, you help keep advertising costs in the Bulletin at a minimum.

For more information on the JCCA Bulletin, please visit:

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